CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

EWES core values and CSR

(Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR is a wide definition for how an enterprise is operated when it comes to: Human rights, Labour & Employment practices, Environmental issues, Combating bribery & corruption, Community involvement & development, Integration, Consumer interests, Social & Environmental responsibility)       

Einar’s core values - still in place today
The entrepreneurial success of Einar Svensson was made possible by Einar always following his heart and his core values. It is important to understand that EWES was founded on these values, and even as times change and values need to be interpreted in the context of present time, these values are still very present at EWES.

Honesty: Honesty towards yourself, your co-worker and customer.

Technology: Technology is a “first”. Always keep yourself posted of what new productions technologies that are out there.

Always keep an open-mind to customersand to your fellow man. A genuine interest in new cultures does not differ much from a genuine interest in new business opportunities.

Make decisions. Make them early. Stand by them.

Firsthand information is always preferred. Collecting information gives you a heads up and enables you to make early decisions.

Co-workers shall be involved, and have a possibility to influence.

EWES CSR – in short
• Human rights
As an organization EWES treasure, respect and believe in the human rights. In turn we should not make business with partners who do not respect the human rights.

• Law & Labour
EWES and all daughter companies should always follow the national laws-, labor- & employment practices.
• The Environment
EWES is a subcontractor to the Environment Industry, but we also aim for a better environment through activities like our long term energy saving program. This is also regulated in our quality system ISO 14000, which we will apply on all our own plants in the near future.
• Bribery & corruption
The companies within the EWES Group may through its plants encounter the suggestion of “fast solutions” through bribery and corruption. We do not accept this as we always aim for long term activities in the countries where we have plants. Our company must be able over time to show a good judgment and cannot afford not following the law. It is also highly illegal and immoral.

• Community involvement & development.
Given financial possibilities, we are open to and encouraging our staff to get involved in the community and the development there of.

• Integration
All people are welcome to work with us under equal rights, no matter gender or religion. We all must share a mutual respect for each other and ambition of bringing EWES forward.

• Consumer interests
The customer is the one making our income possible. We encourage the customers to see us as a partner, as an external resource equally interested in getting “the job done right” as they are.

• Conflict Minerals
(EWES commitment regarding conflict minerals known as ‘3TG’ – Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold)
Ewes AB strives to be a good corporate citizen. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and protection of people who come into contact with our products and business, and we require high social, environmental and human rights standards among our suppliers. Managing our obligations in relation to Conflict Minerals is a part of this corporate responsibility.
Our commitment – EWES are working towards ensuring that our products do not contain conflict minerals that have been sourced from mines that support or fund conflict within the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. Therefore we are committed to identify which Ewes AB products are impacted and targeting our efforts accordingly and not buying products and materials containing conflict minerals directly from conflict mines. We are also asking our suppliers to work towards ensuring that any minerals contained in the products and materials supplied to EWES AB do not originate from conflict mines.

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