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EWES knowledgeable employees answer a variety of spring-related questions daily. To give customers quick answers, we have collected the most common questions with associated answers under the tab that we call FAQ.

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Can EWES be hired for assembly?

Yes, EWES helps with all types of assembly where the spring is included.

The business area is called Smart4U. We assemble both small and large series, manually, semi- or fully automatically. We at EWES may not be so well known for delivering assembled products, but we have actually been doing so since the 1980s!

Today, we automate more and more assembly of large volumes at headquarters in Sweden, but we can also offer assembly of smaller series, both in Sweden and at our subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

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Can EWES make bent wire details?

Yes, EWES offers bending in different wire thicknesses, from 0.10 mm up to 12 mm.

We produce wire details in wire bending machines, spring machines and in our punching machines.

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Jan Ingvarsson
+46 70 208 67 19

Are standard springs from EWES always the cheapest option?

No, that's not always the case. For very small volumes, it's often cheaper to choose a spring from the EWES standard range, but from around the amount 100 and onwards, it usually pays off to let EWES customize the spring. Standard springs are usually best used in very early prototypes, or when a designer ”just wants to test” a function. A spring is a construction element, not a fastening element, and is usually best used when the design is customer-specific.

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How small volumes can EWES produce?

EWES can produce really small volumes, from a few springs - e.g. only two. For small volumes, set-up costs will be added.

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Is stainless steel always the best material for EWES springs?

Stainless steel does not always have to be the best choice. Zinc-aluminum can often be a better and more cost-effective choice of material compared to stainless steel. Which material you choose depends on the area of use of the spring. A common perception is that stainless material is stronger but it's just the opposite, we usually say that the force is about 10 % weaker in stainless material.

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Jan Ingvarsson
+46 70 208 67 19

Is it always cheapest to make springs in low-wage countries?

If it's about pure production without post-tempo, EWES is doing well in Sweden because raw material prices are broadly the same for all markets. If, on the other hand, you want to process the spring, it may be better to use one of EWES other companies. Where we choose to produce is determined based on where the customer is, but also from a sustainability and environmental point of view.

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Does EWES manufacture shock absorbers and garage door springs?

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