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Equality and gender equality are important issues for us at EWES. Over the years, we have supported various organizations, and recently, we have partnered with Hello Sweden. They share our values, and since we are already involved in speedway among other ventures, it felt like a natural step for us to take.

Hello Sweden is paving the way for Sweden's future sports stars. Their unique network of companies provides support and assistance to young sports talents, giving them the opportunity to pursue their passion.

Tomas Kaiser, who was among the world elite in motorsport during the 1980s, co-founded Hello Sweden with the Swedish Trade Council (now Business Sweden). Since then, young talents have developed and taken their place among the world's best. When companies from different industries come together, new opportunities for collaboration, development, and business arise.

By supporting youth sports, Hello Sweden contributes to promoting the health and well-being of children and young people. When young people are given the opportunity to develop and achieve success, they in turn become idols and role models for a new generation, thus creating a positive spiral of growth.

Famous Profiles at Hello Sweden
Several world-class athletes are part of the Hello Sweden Team. Here are some of them:

  • Anna Nordquist, Golf
  • Ebba Andersson, Cross-Country Skiing
  • Sebastian Samuelsson, Biathlon
  • Marcus Ericson, Motorsport Ebba Årsjö, Alpine Para-sport
  • Swedish Table Tennis Association, Men's, Women's, and Para Teams

Honorary Members - Legends

  • Ingemar Stenmark, Alpine Skiing
  • Magdalena Forsberg, Biathlon
  • Carolina Klüft, Heptathlon

About Hello Sweden
Hello Sweden is a dynamic network that showcases Sweden's future sports stars! Young talents receive financial support, expertise, and training to pursue their passion to success. Through collaboration with Hello Sweden, not only are new sports icons created, but also long-term business relationships and cross-industry opportunities.

Learn more about Hello Sweden
on their website: https://hellosweden.se/

EWES teams up with Hello Sweden Team