Made in Sweden, born free

Made in Bredaryd – born free
On June 6th, we celebrate Sweden's National Day 🇸🇪

Gustav Vasa was elected King of Sweden on June 6th, 1523. From that date, Sweden is considered an independent kingdom, and this date forms the basis for Sweden's National Day.

EWES was founded in Bredaryd, south of Sweden, and despite our Swedish roots and heritage, we see ourselves as global citizens, or as we like to put it: Made in Bredaryd – born free. We have exported many fine products and solutions, but what we are most proud of is The Power of WE. The EWES spirit has spread across borders to our subsidiaries in Bosnia, Serbia, and China. There is always a WE in EWES.

Sweden is known for many things, particularly its beautiful scenery, high quality of life, strong commitment to gender equality and fairness, musical wonders, steel, and pioneering innovations. At EWES, we take pride in our innovations being part of “Made in Sweden”, and in contributing to both the history and future of Sweden.