This is how you measure a compression spring

How you measure a compression spring matters to the life cycle of the spring

There is a lot to consider when measuring a compression spring. We at EWES have documented the most important measures in a White Paper.

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EWES | Mat en tryckfjader

  1. Measure the diameter of the spring wire, marked ’d’ in the drawing.

  2. Measure the external diameter of the spring according to ’De’ in the drawing.

  3. Measure the unloaded length of the spring, indicated in the drawing as ’L0’.

  4. Count the number of turns on the spring wire. In the drawing example, there are 14 turns.

  5. If you know the loaded length, we can calculate the force of the spring. Loaded length is indicated ’L1’ in the drawing.

  6. Ready!
    Would you like to get an estimated lifespan of the spring? Contact EWES Engineering department.

You can download the measurement instructions as a PDF. There is also a QR code for the EWES spring configurator

Does it still feel unsure? Contact us and we will assist you.