EWES in the top of the industry again!

Parent company E.W. Svensson received the award Industry Winner in 2023. This means that the entire EWES Group was rewarded.

Only 11.7 percent of Sweden's limited companies are awarded the Industry Winner ('Branschvinnare') 2023 award. To receive the award, the company must have surpassed its own industry's development in both turnover and profit. The company must also show a positive result.

This is what it says to read on the website of Branschvinnare:

"Every year, Branschvinnare in Sverige AB, in collaboration with Largest Companies, appoints the companies that can boast the award of Industry Winner ('Branschvinnare'). An Industry Winner is a company that has surpassed its own industry's development in both turnover and results.”

Maria Andersson, Marketing Manager at EWES, puts the award into words:

"Given that it was our parent company that received the award in 2023, we can say with a clear conscience that the entire EWES Group has been awarded. Extra fun, because the percentage of companies that meet the criteria fell from 15 percent in 2022 to the current scant 12 percent. It feels like a receipt that our strategies and our teamwork are paying off. Then we are always humble about what the future holds, but right now we have succeeded beyond expectations.”