EWES springs make a difference for many people in various industries

We often say that without our springs, the world wouldn't move. We have created a short video that simply illustrates this (the video is at the end of the article). The video provides some illustrative examples of where our springs are used, but there are many more places. The spring is so integral to our daily lives that you only become aware of its importance when it stops working. Imagine the following examples without a spring ...

  • The power button on the coffee maker
  • The car's boot lid
  • The pruning shears
  • The car seat belt
  • The dialysis machine
  • The light switch
  • The ballpoint pen
  • The toaster
  • The computer mouse
  • The height-adjustable desk
  • The mountain bike
  • The photocopier
  • The printer

Did you know that a spring not only has a function – it can also be endowed with special properties! For example, the spring in a chainsaw handle is vibration-damping to reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) from prolonged exposure. HAVS is a medical condition that causes damage to blood vessels, nerves, and joints in the hands and arms. A vibration-damping handle improves ergonomics by increasing user comfort and reducing strain on muscles and joints. Moreover, it reduces the risk of accidents and injuries while enhancing precision and efficiency. With less physical strain, the user can work for longer periods without breaks, thereby increasing efficiency.

Yes, as you can see, a spring is not necessarily ”just” a spring – it is a component that, when properly designed, can make a significant difference to a product.