Pilot project Industrial Swedish at EWES

From left to right: Mohammad Idriss, Florin Suciu, Mohammed Badee Bawadekji, Ann-Carolin Pollack, Marius Florin, Serghei Trofan, Ivan Lacusta and Abdul Kader

EWES participating in pilot project
Industrial Swedish

As part of our partnership with Campus Värnamo, EWES has had the great privilege of being the region's sole company for the pilot project “Industrial Swedish”

Parent company EWES AB operates in a region characterized by active entrepreneurship, striving to be an attractive employer. Through our partnership with Campus Värnamo, we participate in discussions and initiatives regarding competence development and long-term educational efforts.

As the sole company in the region, we have taken part in the pilot project “Industrial Swedish”. This involved interested employees undergoing ten lessons of industrial Swedish, led by Ann-Carolin Pollack, an experienced Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) teacher. Daniela Gorsic, HR Manager at EWES, commented on the project:

“Industrial Swedish has been incredibly valuable and appreciated, both for us as employers and for the participants.”

Throughout the course, participants have learned not only the names of tools but also the company's policies and their significance. Topics such as complaint management have been particularly emphasized, focusing on creating an inclusive environment where mistakes are seen as shared learning experiences, rooted in EWES' culture of shared responsibility, known as “The power of WE.”

Daniela also highlights that everyday routines like waste sorting can be challenging for those coming from countries without an established culture of waste separation. Through words and images, participants have received explanations on why and how to sort waste.

Finally, besides acquiring new knowledge, participants from Moldova, China, Ethiopia, Syria, and Romania have also increased the awareness of EWES leaders regarding the importance of their communication.

“We have learned that everything we say matters. The choice of words is more crucial than we think,” Daniela concludes.

Some voices from the Industrial Swedish education

We asked three participants what was the best thing about the education. We also asked if they think Industrial Swedish should be available at more companies.

Industrial Swedish education EWES

From left Florin Suciu, Jian Cheng and Sallam Mufid Sallom

Florin Suciu
Florin works in the tool department. He has been with EWES for as long as he has lived in Sweden – for six years. Originally from Romania, he finds the best thing about working at EWES is that it's never boring.

“The best thing about the training is that it has helped me understand the job's requirements. I absolutely believe that Industrial Swedish should be available at more companies. It makes things easier.”

Jian Cheng
For almost two years now, Chinese-born Jian has been working on assembly and grinding at EWES. She has been living in Sweden for 14 years. Jian sees it as a newcomer's duty to work, study, learn Swedish, and socialize and eat together with colleagues.

“The best thing about Industrial Swedish is that I have learned many new words and industry-specific knowledge. I think Industrial Swedish should be available at more companies.”

Sallam Mufid Sallom
Sallam was born in Palestine and arrived in Sweden in 2018. He has been working at Slipen for a year. When it comes to EWES, Sallam has nothing but positive words to say; pleasant colleagues and good managers. He particularly wants to highlight Daniela, whom he considers the best HR manager there is.

“The best thing about Industrial Swedish was that the teacher explained everything we didn't understand. I thought homework was a good idea. Industrial Swedish should definitely be available at all companies!”