Maria Andersson is celebrating 25 years at EWES

Fairly newly employed. The picture of Maria is from EWES' 75th anniversary celebration in 2000

Congratulations to Maria Andersson and us at EWES!

Mia is worth celebrating. For twenty-five years, she has brightened our lives at EWES. The initial assignments involved market support, but Mia has also worked as a salesperson both internally and externally. For the past two years, she has been the marketing manager.

Can you tell us about a memorable event?

There are many events to choose from, but one amusing incident was when a colleague and I went on a visit to a potential new client. We were invited for a tour of their production facility but were required to wear rather uncomfortable steel-toed shoes. Right after the tour, we were informed that they were not considering switching suppliers. My colleague couldn't help but remark to their buyer:

'Well, it seems the only thing we've taken away from here is sore feet, in other words.'


What do you think is the best thing about EWES as a company?

The best thing is undoubtedly EWES' curiosity and drive to push and develop the company forward. Together with our subsidiaries in China, Serbia, and Bosnia, we have built a very strong foundation that also makes us highly attractive in the market.

Over the years, expanding our product range to include assembled and stamped products means that today we have a breadth under the same roof that many of our competitors lack.

How would you describe EWES' development over your 25 years?

Over my 25 years at EWES, our journey has been nothing short of remarkable. We've traversed from an era of cumbersome manual paperwork to a seamlessly integrated digital realm. When I first stepped into the workplace, obtaining a blueprint for a spring meant engaging in manual labor. We delved into archives, dispatched copies via pneumatic mail (!) detailing quantities and delivery dates, only to await feedback from the planning department before we could formalize an order. Then it was back to the archives to file away customer records. I spent countless hours amidst those shelves, to the point where someone once queried if sorting customer cards was actually enjoyable. But now, it's a whole new world!