EWES' modern machinery fleet but with antique pieces still in operation

Albin and Lisa, creative operators at EWES, managed to get a machine from 1958 up and running!

EWES offers Northern Europe's most advanced machinery fleet. Coupled with skilled personnel, we provide world-class production services!

In 2025, EWES celebrates its 90th anniversary. The history archive is brimming with exciting events and anecdotes. Even the machinery fleet offers small nuggets of gold.

Strategic Machine Investments
To meet our customers' requests and needs, we continuously invest in our machinery fleet. Owning Northern Europe's most modern machinery fleet is a strategic decision. This, of course, entails significant investments over time for both machinery and facilities. However, our most important resource remains our fantastic employees. Let us tell you about Albin and Lisa, two of our driven machine tool operators.

Thinking outside the box
Albin and Lisa encountered challenges when developing a pre-series (prototype) of a complex left-wound tension spring. In regular production, we wouldn't typically have any issues manufacturing the spring, but in the prototype stage, we must always consider which costs for special tools we want to pass on to the customer. This is where the competence, knowledge, and inventiveness of our employees come into play. Albin brought out an old hand-eyeleting machine from 1958 from our small museum exhibition, and suddenly blanks (produced in a spring machine from 2024) could be eyeleted using the old hand-eyeleting tool! 

For the record,
Lisa probably thought that looping up 100 prototypes by hand was okay, but she expressed gratitude that we at EWES have chosen to invest in modern production equipment. She wasn't interested in any manual mass production in the 1958 machine 😉

Manual left-wound tension spring pre-series in a machine from 1958.