Installation instructions for sound-absorbing screws

How it works

The sound-absorbing screws replace ordinary plaster screws in selected constructions. Our screws create a small distance between the wooden stud and the plasterboard with the help of the spring in the middle of the screw. This reduces the transport of sound waves through wall or ceiling components.

With a unique bits, the screw works like a regular screw during assembly but also like a spring when it is in place.

If several layers of plasterboard are to be mounted, fasten the inner board to the wooden stud with the sound-absorbing screw. The outer plasterboard is screwed to the inner without connection to the stud or beam. To secure the outer board, do not use the sound-absorbing screw.


  1. Use a powerful screwdriver or equivalent and place the bits in it. 
  2. Attach the screw to the bits and make sure that the front part of the screw also is gripped by the bits. 
  3. Press the board against the stud and press the screw against the plasterboard so that the spring is compressed. Then screw until the top of the screw is just below the surface of the plasterboard.
  4. Continue in the same way until the entire plasterboard is attached. The distance between the screws depends on the regulations, but a guideline is at least 10 screws / m2. The screws along the edge of the plasterboard should be placed at least 12 mm from the edge.
  5. Once the screws are in place, release the pressure against the plasterboard. The plasterboard will then be puhed out by the springs 1-2 mm. It is not obvious to the eye as the overall stiffness of the screws gives the wall a stable impression. In ceilings, the distance becomes slightly longer due to the weight of the boards.
  6. If an additional board is to be mounted, this is done with glue or screws that provides a secure anchorage with the inner gypsum board. Note that the outer plasterboard should only be attached to the inner board, not to the wooden rule.
  7. Filling and the sealing is done according to the plaster manufacturer's instructions.