EWES turns 88 this year! In other words, it's a lucky year.

EWES was founded in 1935, eighty-eight years ago, and these numbers constitute a fortunate foundation for our Chinese subsidiary.

88 is a Chinese lucky number 
Chinese culture encompasses a strong and widespread belief in lucky numbers (numerology). The number 8 (bā) is considered a lucky number because its pronunciation is similar to the word for prosperity (fā). An indication of taking the power of this number seriously is the fact that the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony started on 2008-08-08 at 20:08 local time. Similarly, the number 88 is believed to symbolize double happiness, unless you're chatting or texting. In that case, many Asians conclude their messages with '88' because the pronunciation of the numbers sounds like 'bye-bye.'

EWES has been successful in China EWES Asia Pacific was established in 2005 when the cooperation we had in Hong Kong since the 1990s intensified. We have been successful in recruitment and take pride in our fantastic team in Shenzhen.

Abby Chen has been the site manager since the beginning, 18 years ago, and both she and the entire team are doing fantastic work.

The team from left to right: Ivona Wen, May Chan, Abby Cheung, Joy Qi, and inset Huang Weicheng (the spring specialist Huang was featured in a previous article).

EWES Asia Pacific coworkers

EWES CEO Anton Svensson has nothing but positive words to say about the predominantly female team at EWES Asia Pacific:
”The 'WE' spirit is not limited by borders but exists within all the group's companies. We are proud that our employees enjoy their jobs and choose to stay with us for a long time. Apart from Huang, who started in 2023, the employees have been with us for between 10 and almost 20 years. Our business idea is to be where our customers are. We want to produce locally for a local market, which is why we have chosen to establish ourselves in Serbia, Bosnia, and China. All the companies are valuable parts of the EWES Group.”